Our international logistics platform allows us to cover all customers needs around the globe.


Biopsy, Cytology and Necropsy

BCN Patòlegs offers full range of products. Our workflow is based on automated processes to assure control and follow up of 100% of the cases we diagnose until we send them to our customers.

Products we offer

  • Biopsy
  • Gynecological Cytology
  • Non-gynecological Cytology
  • FNA (Fine Needle Aspiration)
  • Histochemical Stains
  • Immunohistochemical Stains
  • Electron Microscopy Study
  • Molecular Pathology Study


Ad hoc solutions

We are permanently working to develop those value added services that ease customer workloads when dealing with AP.

High complexity diagnostics are deferred to first level hospitals

At BCN Patòlegs we are very cautious when treating complex cases and we always send them to first level hospitals to have a second opinion by another pathologist.

Urgent diagnostics

BCN Patòlegs offers urgent diagnostic service for biopsy and cytology. When required our time response is from 1 to 3 days from check in time.

Call Centre service

Our Call Centre and our pathologists solve any doubt the customers may have about case status or diagnostic.

ManaLab: Intranet service

BCN Patòlegs intranet allows our customers not only to immediately access all diagnostics but also to store and manage them. Files can be downloaded on pdf format or viewed directly on the screen. ManaLab also informs of the estimated delivery date. Our intranet is protected with updated encryption systems to ensure complete confidentiality.

Translation services

BCN Patòlegs offers a translation service in all of the most common languages with no extra cost.